Company's Policy

Policy of IWS Sp. z o.o.

In accordance with our company’s strategy, we provide only high quality services in the field of geophysical drilling while ensuring human safety and environmental protection. We are convinced that constant progress in accordance with the principles of sustainable development makes us trustworthy partners for our clients. Being faithful to the above values, IWS Sp. z o.o. declares its commitment to achieve and maintain the highest standards in all aspects of its operations.

Health and safety

The priority and overriding objective of IWS Sp. z o.o. is running our business with no risk of accidents.
Prevention of accidents and occupational diseases. We accomplish this purpose through a training and risk management systems. We also always try to refrain from performing dangerous works. As our company is committed to the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety, we strictly prohibit the use of alcohol or other drugs reducing psychophysical efficiency. Each of us takes responsibility for the safety of ourselves and the others.


Aware of responsibility for the state of the environment towards current and future generations, we try to conduct our business in accordance with the requirements of the highest world standards. We always minimize our negative impacts. What’s more, we require the same from our subcontractors. We promote positive attitudes because we are aware of our shared responsibility for nature.


Satisfaction of our clients is the main goal of our business. We strive to achieve this by meeting the individual needs. We always choose the measurement technology, equipment and work organization tailored for each project. We also analyze the effects of our work in terms of improving quality. Every employee of IWS Sp. z o.o. is committed to perform his tasks in the way that enables to achieve the best possible results.


IWS Sp. z o.o. wants to be a trustworthy partner for all the contractors. We operate while being aware of long-term effects, ensuring quality in a sustainable and responsible manner. We comply with the law. Meeting customers’ needs is always our priority. We treat the issue of security, ethics and transparency as the basis for business relations, expecting the same from our partners.

Radiological hazard information

Pursuant to Article 32c(2) of regulation Atomic Law Act (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1792 as amended) we inform you that the activities carried out by IWS Sp. zoo. under the permission of the President of the Polish Agency for Atomism has no impact on human health and the environment.


The management of IWS Sp. z o.o. is committed to providing necessary resources and measures, while all the employees are responsible for raising their qualifications and full commitment to the objectives mentioned above.

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